The domestic use of zeolite is mainly divided into 3 different sectors:

1. The use of zeolite in horticulture and ecological cultivation.

Natural zeolite is 100% ecological and is widely used in gardening and ecological farming. It is applied in pots and window boxes, in vegetable gardens, lawns, arbors and trees. It acts as a molecular filter and manages soil nutrients and water by balancing the pH. At the same time it cleanses the soil of heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. This increases the production and quality of the products produced. The results are permanent as the zeolite does not degrade, does not decompose and does not change its composition.

Instructions for use

Vegetable garden:

Spread 5 kg of fine gravel over a surface area of 30 to 50 square metres and mix with the soil to a depth of up to 30 cm. Repeat the procedure for 2 more consecutive years.


Spread 5 kg of fine gravel over a surface of 50 square metres and water.

Pots & Planters Garlands:

Replace the soil with new soil and zeolite in a ratio by weight: 90% soil – 10% zeolite


Spread 380 grams of fine gravel over the entire surface of a half-meter radius around each root and mix to a depth of up to 20 cm. Repeat the procedure for 2 more consecutive years.


Spread 5 kg in the form of gravel over the entire surface of a half-meter radius around the trunk of a tree and mix to a depth of up to 20 cm. Repeat the procedure for 2 more consecutive years.

2. Cleaning the living environment

The unique composition of the mineral zeolite provides it with important physical and chemical properties, resulting in the constant development of new applications for its use, making it one of the most useful minerals today. The “molecular sieve” zeolite, locks in positive ions, absorbing a multitude of environmental pollutants up to thirty (30) percent of its weight.

Zeolite contributes to a cleaner and safer environment in countless ways. It is used to enrich the atmosphere in oxygen because of its selective ability to absorb nitrogen. As a redox catalyst, it can remove air pollutants such as engine gases and CFCs that cause ozone depletion. It also improves and purifies drinking water by filtering out all hazardous substances for humans.

Natural zeolite has been used in cases of nuclear radiation leakage protection, such as at Fukushima and Chernobyl. Because of its ability to bind heavy metals, zeolite is often applied in large quantities in areas of radiation leakage. It binds the radioactive material and is then collected and encapsulated in glass and cement.

The zeolite in the use of the washing machine

If we look around us, most of the detergents we buy and use, laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, bleach, fabric softeners and cleaners, we will see that they have turned our home into a chemistry lab!

In fact, all these detergents contain too many dangerous chemicals and as a result there are serious effects on the environment and on our own health. Many of the ingredients in today’s detergents stick to the fibres of clothes and leave a residue no matter how well you rinse them. So every time we wear our clothes, our body comes into constant contact with these substances that dehydrate it and contribute to the appearance of allergies and eczema, while petrochemicals, i.e. petroleum derivatives, are linked to a number of chronic diseases and a number of damages (respiratory, reproductive, endocrine).

In Europe there are already restrictions on the use of hazardous chemicals and phosphates and alternative applications for detergents and water softeners are being developed.

The main alternative is zeolite, a valuable product of nature with countless applications and properties. It is a natural porous mineral with an enormous ion exchange capacity thanks to which it can clean the environment by binding chemicals and dangerous metals. By adding it to the wash it can reduce the amount of detergent up to 70% and eliminate the need for fabric softener. It increases the life of fabrics and reduces possible allergies caused by the chemicals in detergents.

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Zeolite prevents the formation of salts, which are responsible for the destruction of laundry and fabrics and, unlike chemicals, does not contribute to the phenomenon of eutrophication of the seas.

3. Use of zeolite in domestic animals

Cleaning the Animal Environment

Zeolite provides the most natural and economical solution to maintaining a healthy and clean environment for pets and helps improve their health at the same time. By replacing the substrate we use for our pet (sand, wood chips or even on the newspaper) with zeolite in the form of gravel (2.5 – 5 mm), we can improve the air and reduce the odours from the pets’ urine and droppings. This is achieved by capturing ammonia gas, which is responsible for serious damage to the respiratory system of both animals and humans. Also by placing zeolite in a fine powder on the floor and on the entire surface of the nest, the humidity is greatly reduced. By sprinkling powder on the fur of our animals and their nest, our pets are freed and protected from any parasite. It does not contain chemicals so it can be used on young pets.

At the same time, the zeolite allows their fur and feet to remain clean so that not only the animals but also the environment in which they live remains clean. Every time we change the zeolite, removing only the dirt with a cleaning spade, we can reuse it as an excellent fertilizer for our pots. As for humans, zeolite can improve water quality for our little ones too. Place a small amount of zeolite in the form of gravel in the watering trough. Zeolite will act as a filter by binding toxins, heavy metals and removing unpleasant odours and bacteria, improving the quality and taste of the water.

Additive in animal nutrition

As an additional element in their food, the well-being and good health of our pets is ensured in a completely natural way. Zeolite binds toxins, food allergens, pathogenic bacteria and removes them through the digestive tract, thus improving the digestive system of animals, strengthening their immune system and increasing the overall antimicrobial activity. It increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals in their body, thus raising their energy levels, reducing stress and improving their mood. It also helps to restore bone tissue after injury, has a positive effect on hair structure and helps to achieve a shiny coat.

2% zeolite is recommended in their food mix.

It is harmless, non-corrosive, non-toxic and 100% natural, without chemical additives and artificial fragrances. It is suitable for all types of pets and all ages.

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