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Zeolite and its potential uses in agriculture

Zeolite and its potential uses in agriculture

C. Sangeetha* and P. Baskar1, Department of Agronomy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore – 641 003, India. Received: 10-09-2015 Accepted: 25-02-2016 DOI:10.18805/ar.v0iof.9627


In many parts of the world food security is being affected due to declining quality and/or quantity of the soil resource base and climate change. In this context, farming with zeolites has drawn attention. Zeolites are natural aluminosilicates present in rocks different part of the world. Use of zeolite has gained a momentum in the recent past owing to multitude of benefits accured from them. Zeolites are useful in agriculture because of their large porosity, cation exchange capacity and selectivity for ammonium and potassium cations. They can be used both as carriers of nutrients and as a medium to free nutrients. Although considerable research has been advanced, further research needs to carried out for their efficient utilization in farming.

Key words: Agriculture, Odor, Slow release nutrient, Waste water treatment, Zeolite.


Our company is engaged in the implementation and sale of certified natural zeolite of European origin and Greek aluminous diatomite. The zeolite content in clinoptilolite for agricultural and livestock use is at least 85% and is available in various granulometries depending on its use. Our goal is to spread the innumerable applications of these natural inert minerals, resulting in the immediate benefit of their properties in areas such as agriculture, livestock farming, the environment and human health. We ship the same day across Greece and the rest of Europe from our warehouse in Thessaloniki and Nea Orestiada. We offer wholesale and retail prices.

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