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Τhe floods in Evros and zeolite - N. Lygeros

Τhe floods in Evros and zeolite – N. Lygeros

Τhe floods in Evros and zeolite – N. Lygeros

Τhe floods in Evros, with all the problems caused to farmers, have the good aspect of informing even our most indifferent citizens and the most incompetent politicians. Now everyone is complaining about the river and all the substances it brings down, which destroy the fields, not just the crops.  The point is, that no one proposes a specific solution regarding the problems that arise. Because in actual fact, there is a solution and more specifically in Evros.  The zeolite allows for the confrontation of moisture, which is very important in such cases, where it should also be restoration. The zeolite as a molecular sieve allows filtering, and binds heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. Therefore, zeolite can directly filter the fields. Additionally, zeolite is found in abundance in Thrace and especially in Northern Evros.  Consequently, instead of all of them looking at each other, consoling each other, or blaming each other, they could act together, in order to promote the issue of the Greek zeolite, so that we, as Greece, can subsidize our farmers to save our land.  This proposal is neither inconceivable nor utopian, it is just a matter of will so it could be applied instantly, in order to produce a regeneration context, which is dynamic, without further delay, since the solution is what matters and it exists.  Whereas, everything else is merely statements to fill the vacuity of political will. Because quite simply, it is absurt that while the Greek army is using zeolite to dry the roads, that the politicians are not aware of it, and so are unable to help the farmers.  Thrace is a wealth which should simply be utilized, if we want it to withstand, otherwise we will leave it to a political misery that is unable to change the data with actions, because it has no Vision due of a lack of strategic thinking.



Η επιχείρησή μας ασχολείται με την εφαρμογή και την πώληση πιστοποιημένου Ελληνικού φυσικού ζεόλιθου και φυσικού ζεόλιθου Ευρωπαϊκής προέλευσης για όλες τις χρήσεις. Από εμάς μπορείτε ακόμα να προμηθευτείτε περλίτη καθώς και Ελληνικό αργιλούχο διατομίτη. Η περιεκτικότητά του ζεόλιθου σε κλινοπτιλόλιθο για γεωργική και κτηνοτροφική χρήση ανέρχεται σε 85% τουλάχιστον και διατίθεται σε διάφορες κοκκομετρίες ανάλογα με τη χρήση του. Σκοπός μας είναι η διάδοση των αμέτρητων εφαρμογών των φυσικών αυτών αδρανών ορυκτών με αποτέλεσμα την άμεση ωφέλεια από τις ιδιότητές τους, σε τομείς όπως η γεωργία, η κτηνοτροφία, το περιβάλλον και η ανθρώπινη υγεία.

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