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Preparation of Compound Clinoptilolite Filter Material and Performance of Ammonia Nitrogen Removal


This experiment use natural clinoptilolite powder as main materials to prepare the large specific surface and high porosity spherical compound filter material by adding adhesive and pore-forming agent etc.This compound filter material has favourable effect when treating sanitary wastewater. The static adsorption test showed that the absorption ratio of ammonia-nitrogen is 58.5% when the compound filter material dosage was 100g/L, NH4+-N concentration was 100mg/L and the contact time was 40min.The cure fitting of the adsorption isotherm of NH4+-N on the compound filter material could be well described by the Langmuir formula and R2 (the coefficient of determination) is 0.99216. At the stably running phase, when the average concentrations of influent NH3-N was 35mg/L, the average removal ratio and concentration of effluent NH4+-N reached 83.51% and 5.81mg/L which could meet the first degree of national wastewater discharge standard (GB 8978-1996).

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