The water protection – Nikos Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Since there is at last, a formal consultation regarding the water protection from agricultural fertilizers, the role of the zeolite must be promoted in this process.
More specifically, it regards the approval of: Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters from nitrates of agricultural sources and livestock activity, which is exactly the field of action of zeolite, since it’s already used in deceleration fertilizers. And the reason is simple, since the zeolite is able to absorb ammonia and release it slowly. Consequently, it is a substance that can be effectively used for water filtration. Indeed this is already occurring in domestic usage, for cleaning aquariums and other sorts of tanks.

Additionally as zeolite binds heavy metals, toxins and free radicals, it offers already applications in agriculture and animal husbandry, in fact, even before the generation of that waste. Consequently, zeolite can play a beacon’s role throughout this context and in a multi-faceted way at that. It functions both before and after, and can function in the specific case of nitrates through recycling as well, as it can be used multiple times. It is therefore important for its functions in this specific field to be made widely known, taking advantage of the above mentioned consultation.

Because the zeolite may provide a solution to other problems in general environmental pollution. Therefore with this consultation, official bodies will become informed about it, and it is those who are able to make rational decisions and strategies for implementing innovative solutions, such as zeolite in regards to nature protection.


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