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Biogas Purification Using Natural Zeolite and NaOH


Biogas purification is the most important process to increase the quality of biogas. This research was introduced a continuous system of biogas purification from CO2 impurity using zeolite and NaOH solution. The granular zeolites were varied from 1 to 5 layers on solid purifier. The NaOH solution was varied from 10% to 50 % based on concentration. Contact time of biogas with zeolite and NaOH solution were observed on interval of 15 minutes. The results showed that the ability of NaOH solution to absorb of CO2 is faster than zeolite. On the initial minutes, NaOH solution on the some concentration absorbed the CO2 until less than 10% of volume CO2 in biogas. Furthermore, the five layers of zeolites able to adsorb the CO2 until the 21.3% of volume CO2 in biogas on 60 minutes. For a similiar condition, CH4 levels increased to be 74.7% and 92.4% for zeolite and NaOH solution, respectively. The ability of CO2 absorbsion was influenced by layers number of zeolite purification system and the concentration of NaOH solution for NaOH purification system.

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