Use of zeolite-containing biologically active food supplement in patients with burn trauma

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The content of cationic protein in blood neutrophils, the serum activity of lysosomal enzymes, the intensity of peroxide lipid oxidation, the antioxidant serum activity and the blood concentration of trace elements were assessed in patients with burn injury. Some patients as addition to the main therapy got zeolyt-containing biological active addition to food (BAAF) “Lytovit” with its ability for sorption and selective ion exchange. Before the beginning of the treatment in all patients high value of the cationic protein degranulation, decrease of neutrophils biocidity, and increase of lipid peroxidation against a background of antioxidant activity were found. In patients, who had got zeolyt containing BAAF, the normalization of trace elements blood concentration and indices of neutrophils functional activity began earlier, then in patients without zeolyt containing biological active addition treatment. “Lytovit” promoted the more early regress of the clinic manifestations: the body temperature normalization, wounds self-cleaning from purulent discharge, diminishing of frequency and area of the grafts lysis.

PMID: 15049153 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


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